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Full managements of Cars (all makes)


Repair and Maintenance

Electrical and mechanical repair of automobiles of all makes. Preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.

Towing Service

We handle the collection and delivery of your vehicle.

Technical Assistance

We pick up your broken-down vehicle, take it to our repair workshop and provide you with a quote.

ITV Service

We collect your vehicle, inspect / condition it, take it through to Roadworthy (ITV), and return it to the agreed address.


To ensure the correct condition of a vehicle before a purchase or sale of same, we take care of thoroughly checking the status of the vehicle as well as issuing a status report.

Vehicle Buying / Selling

We offer purchase / sale service of second-hand vehicles which are thoroughly checked by us. We also offer the Premium service "A la carte" in which you can request a vehicle of your choice (model, year, etc.) We will make sure you have it at your disposal at the agreed price.


If you need a quick service, you can contact us on Whatsapp and, without any commitment on your part, we will give you a service or repair quotation.

Restoration of classic cars

The repair and adaptation of classic cars is another of our specialities.

Experience and professionalism

Talleres JF was founded in 1973 by Juan Fernández Vilanueva.
Since then, we have provided 44 years of service and quality to our customers; now we are already on the second generation and it is Manuel Fernandez who manages and modernizes it so as to be up to date on the needs and new technologies.

In 1973 Juan Fernández Vilanueva decided to start his own professional project his own business , TALLERES JF.

Experiencia y profesionalidad

José Bareas Barrio (in the centre of the photo) also joined TALLERES JF from the beginning.

Experiencia y profesionalidad

You cannot deny the fact that Manuel has had a vocation for cars from an early age.

Experiencia y profesionalidad

The third generation ( David Fernández ) is getting ready.

Experiencia y profesionalidad


Talleres JF is a workshop associated with the "Provincial Guild of Car Repair Shops in Barcelona", which guarantees professional procedures and optimal quality standards.

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